Location Benefits

1. It has a view of the river along with the Panjim Bridge, Panjim City and the Casinos in the Middle.
2. Delton Royale Casino Jetty at the front gate of the Property, Just Walkable.
3. 180 Degree View of the River Madovi and the Sea from Panjim Bridge to Miramar Beach and the Sea.
4. 12 min Drive from the Famous Calangute and Condolim Beach.
5. 15 Min Drive to the Panjim City.
6. 12 Min Drive to the Mumbai Goa Highway.
7. 15 Min Drive to the Finest Dining Area and Restaurants in North Goa

Stature That Everyone Looks Upto

Admirations is a kind of respect. A life that others look up to is a life well led.

With walk able access to Deltin royale Casino Jetty at the front gate of the property, Eternia Villas is one of those rare possessions, which others will look up to in admiration, while you call it home. It is the towering symbol of grace and stature, you can flaunt to the entire world.